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Sircam Production Staff

Lakeshia Wingo – Chief Operating Officer
With a 14 year background in business, Lakeshia is not only an asset to the company, but is affectionately known as its “secret weapon.” She has built her business savvy over the years by owning successful businesses such as a home day care called Focus on The Children, working as an independent Mary Kay consultant, and distributing Paparazzi Jewelery. In 2013, Lakeshia accepted the position as COO, overseeing the day-to-day operations of Sircam Productions, organizing, strategizing and structuring events pertaining to business as well as overseeing the financial outlook of the company’s bottom line and growth. In 2014, Lakeshia successfully ventured out into the artist management arena, successfully helping artist reach their potential and career goals. With her expertise in financial planning, marketing and strategy, Sircam Productions is blessed to have her on the team.

Aaron Smith – Music Director

Aaron “Memphis” Smith is speaking to a generation. His platform is an altruistic approach to music and celebrating all of its truest forms. The message is simple: “There is no departure without a dream”; and his mission is to see to it that his peers are inspired to make this the most powerful and knowledgeable age of music that the world will ever see. As a native Memphian, Aaron was exposed to all genres of music. Through his mother’s affinity for the craft, Aaron discovered the soul striking melodies of gospel music while growing up in church and the importance of the instrument. With a music selection varying from The Winans to Commission, it was only natural that Aaron developed his passions around non-secular music.
As a teenager, Aaron traveled a path that led him to Illinois, where he continued to develop his blessing. Aaron managed to balance his talents between church and Auburn High School, a performing arts school located in Rockford, IL. Aaron’s abilities allowed him to be a scholarship recipient that led him to Rock Valley College under the direction of Ken Stein. Aaron studied Music Performance in a Jazz ensemble form. Aaron’s accolades include, but are not limited to, playing for jazz saxophonist, Harlan Jefferson, as well as working with various artists such as: Kim Burrell, LeAndria Johnson, Greater First Chorale, Todd Dulaney, Garrett Body, Ann Nesby, Gina Venier, Paris Bennett and many more.
Aaron’s passion for music has allowed him to pave a path for those striving for success within the music industry. With his knowledge, he has formed his own organization titled, D.U.F.C. (Drummers United for Christ) geared toward youth and musicians. This forum allows musicians a close and personal opportunity to meet their favorite drummers in a clinic session. He believes that there are so many life lessons you can overcome with using strategies you use with developing your craft. Aaron feels it is so imperative to inspire and motivate even if you haven’t reached your plateau, it’s important to give back no matter what level of success you’re at. September of 2011, Aaron was granted the opportunity to do his first drum clinic hosted by Guitar Center, “A room filled with so many young and eager musicians that were ready to learn, was an honor and scary all at once”, Aaron says. Shortly after, Aaron’s organization, D.U.F.C., hosted a clinic with featured guest, Tavarius “Varo” Johnson, an awesome and talented drummer that has pierced his way through the music industry. Smith was also able to show his ability to write and produce on newly released artist, Nastasia Lambert’s album “1983 Lohv Diary”, released in 2013. Aarron also added take a step of faith in 2013 where he played drums in the The Ties That Bind. In 2014, he was promoted to band director, provided the soundtrack and score to the live Dvd recording.


Alvin Jacobs – Photographer

A picture itself can be worth a thousand words, but in the creative hands of Alvin Jacobs, that same picture can be transformed into a priceless, breathtaking capture of a moment. A native of Rockford, IL with over 20 years of photography experience, Jacobs has perfected his craft, shooting professional models, weddings, political figures, magazine photo shoots and common everyday people who desire to captured by his brilliance in the essence of time. In 2013, Jacobs was instrumental in shooting The Ties That Bind, enhancing this already powerful stage play. In 2014, Jacobs lent his talents again for the live Dvd production of the play. Currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, the co-owner of Project Noir has taken his abilities to new heights as he has begun networking and teaming up with other photographers, challenging them to not only shoot the best show but tell the story behind the shot. Alvin is a wonderful asset to the team and we value his efforts.


Malik Byrd – Senior Intern

With only 11 short years on this planet, Malik has experienced more than most people twice his age. This ambitious tween has not only began to catch the acting bug, but the passion to delve into the arena of business management. In 2014, Malik made his acting debut in the hit stage play, “The Ties That Bind” as Devon. He went on to have a starring role as Xavier in the play “The Gift of Hope.” Malik plans to work hard and learn under the direction of Earnest and Lakeshia as they guide him into a successful career in the arts.

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