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Welcome to SirCam Productions

SirCam Productions is a creative vision founded in 2006 by Earnest Wingo. The mission and purpose of the company is to not only entertain, but to inspire, encourage people to become a victor and live out their dreams through various creative channels such as music, books, plays and film.


Earnest S. Wingo is a determined and driven songwriter, musician, playwright and author from Rockford, Illinois who believes in using all of his many talents. At age eleven, he began playing the piano, and at age thirteen he began discovering the wonderful world of writing original musical compositions.  He’s written for local artists and church choirs and original literary works, both of which laid the foundation of things to come.

His first publication was a book of poems entitled, Borrowing King David’s Pen. In 2006, Wingo took a significant step of faith when he established his creative production company SirCam Productions and wrote his first novel entitled, Iniquity’s Web, which was later published in 2007. After receiving much success from the book, he followed up with his second work entitled, A Scent of Jasmine, which was a commercial hit, garnering him accolades from the literary press for the book’s intriguing storyline and heart touching characters. Because of the book, he was blessed with an opportunity to host a book signing in downtown Chicago without having a major publishing deal.

Now, with the groundwork and foundation laid for SirCam Productions, Wingo hopes to channel his God given gifts into other various arenas. He is currently casting for his first stage play called “The Ties That Bind.” He is also putting together the music division of his company where he will be writing and producing for signed and unsigned musical talents. He also plans to write other novels detailing real life and inspiring stories. “Whenever God calls me home, I want to be able to say that I died empty,” Wingo says. “ I want nothing left in me. Every creative idea, every creative challenge, I want to be able to say that I birthed it and that it not only entertained someone but blessed their life as well”.